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What is 'CH TechTool' & Why

The ‘CH TechTool’ is the most Data secured, commercially available, and the only lifetime Free version PowerPoint Toolbar in the world.

To make sure you have a genuine version and free of any malicious bugs, please always download the latest version from our website only.

CH TechTool was developed during the massive downtime during the Pandemic lock-down and is being provided for free to our Freelance and Design Agency’s, Graphic Design Comrades worldwide as support from us. This toolbar can drive efficiency of 15-20%, please feel free to share it with friends & family in the same domain.

The CH team also needs your support, so if you like this toolbar and would like us to develop it further and continue providing it for free, then please donate.
We plan to release an upgraded version every six months.

Also, you can support us by endorsing this tool to your corporate clients. The customization and corporate license of this tool will be provided at a one time fee and a perpetual software license.

‘CH TechTool’ logo and name are trademark owned by Capability Hive.

Capability Hive is a One Stop Solution provider for Managed Marketing, Visual Graphics, and Business Support across Print, Digital, and Web. We help enterprises by providing custom solutions to their ‘Go To Market’ and ‘Sales’ challenges. Professional MS-Office support, Branding, Videos, Automation, etc. are a few of the core strengths of the team.
Leadership and the team have extensive experience in Graphic Designing and managing offshore Business Support operations. The Team operates from STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) Hubli, STPI is a venture of the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Capability Hive is registered with the ‘UNGM’ (United Nations Global Marketplace) as a vendor and is recognized by the Government of India under ‘MSME’ (Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises).

We do not collect any information of our users and if you choose to subscribe to our newsletters (optional), we promise not to share your info such as email address, etc. with anyone outside the organization.

To make sure, that you have access to our free upgraded versions of the toolbar, please follow us on social media, and please like, follow, comment, share, subscribe, etc.
Do share your feedback or suggestions which will help us make the ‘CH TechTool’ better in the next versions by emailing us at

CH TechTool is funded by donations mostly. We are happy exploring new offers of advertising or monetization schemes. If you have a specific functionality and innovative product that can be used to make this free toolbar better, then please contact us. However, we are not interested in business proposals related to: software bundles, installers, pop-ups, “in-tool” adverts, aggressive or deceptive advertisements.
Emails that we receive about such partnerships will either be ignored, or will receive a reply linking to this page.

If our position regarding such offers changes, this page will be updated, so please check this page before contacting us.

  1. Capability Hive or any of its management, staff, products, services cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the CH TechTool by anyone and anywhere in the world.
  2. Capability Hive reserves the right to amend the Terms of Service at any time. Once the Terms of Service have been changed and amended, Capability Hive will prompt the amended contents on the relevant pages. If users do not agree with the modification of this Agreement, they may stop using the CH TechTool, and if the user continues to use the service provided by capability Hive, the user is deemed to have accepted all the modifications of this agreement.
  3. No fee or free method will be provided for displayed in full or in part, in any public domain, pictures and diagrams provided by CH TechTool, unless your above act does not constitute infringement.
  4. All assets included in the CH TechTool and the toolbar itself, cannot be modified or sold separately. The assets such as icons, designs etc are free to be used for and by personal use, teachers and educational institutions only and in no way or form can it be used for commercial purpose other than Design Agencies.
  5. CH TechTool is not responsible for any personal, financial loss, damage or injury suffered due to CH TechTool usage, no matter what the reason.
  6. The terms of service of the entry into force, performance, interpretation and settlement of disputes are subject to the legal system of India, these Terms of Service due to conflict with the legal system of India partially invalid, does not affect the effectiveness of the other parts.
  7. In the event of any dispute concerning the contents of the Agreement or its implementation, the parties concerned shall try their best to resolve them through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, all parties to the dispute agree that the dispute will be submitted to the negotiation fails, either party may file a complaint in local or high court in Hubli, Karnataka in India.
  8. All cost associated with any judicial case related to Capability Hive or CH TechTool will be paid by the second party including the cost of Capability Hive.
  9. By downloading the CH TechTool you hereby consent to agree to our terms.

Please feel free to visit our YouTube page for detailed tutorials on how to get the best out of this awesome PowerPoint Toolbar.


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